Photo de groupe de LFG

40 years in business is cause for celebration!

A key milestone in a track record of success.

40 years! LFG Construction reached this milestone in August 2015. Few companies can boast such longevity, and we are proud to have achieved this milestone.

Overall, we’ve had 40 years of success. Success – and great deal of it – is what you need to perform well in such a competitive industry for 4 decades.

But along with success, there are more difficult moments that include self-doubt and even failure. The life of a company is like a person’s life: you sometimes face tough times. But, as you know, adversity makes us stronger.

Today, LFG Construction continues to grow, and we are excited by the many projects that will contribute to our growth in the decade ahead.

A new image

We took advantage of this anniversary to spruce up our image. We have unveiled our new brand image whose colours and logo reflect our dynamic approach to business.

We have also launched our new web site, which showcases our capabilities and achievements.

Team success

Our achievements would not have been possible without very worthy men and women who work with us. We owe our success to our employees – it’s as simple as that. We thank the thousands of people who have championed our values and given their all, day after day, to ensure success on our projects.

We also thank our clients for their continued trust in us… since 1975.