Making a difference

Beyond their economic activities and pursuit of profit, businesses have a role to play in their community.

LFG Construction is actively involved in the community to foster growth and well-being.

We provide direct financial support in the form of donations and sponsorships to many organizations in the healthcare, culture, education, and sports sectors.

We also support several charitable organizations.

It is not just senior management at LFG Construction that is committed to the community. Our employees champion various worthy causes, providing time and funds – and we are very proud of them.

By working together, we make a difference – a real difference.



Claude Lapointe, président de Construction LFG, lors de la 2e édition du Vins et fromages au profit de la fondation Santé Baie-des-Chaleurs (automne 2015)
Claude Lapointe, president of Construction LFG, speaking at the 2nd edition of the Wine & Cheese event for the Fondation Santé Baie-des-Chaleurs, January 30, 2016.