For 40 years we have proven our proficiency in commercial construction. Our accomplishments prove that we are extremely efficient in management, supervision of schedules and the respect of your budget. Our capacity to respond to a diversity of requirements for our commercial partners is second to none.

Over the years we have completed many construction and renovation projects in the retail and supermarket sector.

We have developed business relationships with clients who wish to improve customer services through business expansion. For example, we have a solid relationship with Sobeys/IGA in the food industry sector.

We have developed strategies to minimize the impacts of our work on clients, while maintaining a high-level of security for personnel and consumers. Long-term associations reinforce business relationships that are beneficial to everyone. This sector is one that we have developed and that can be extended to other types of businesses.

The restaurant sector has similar criteria and we have had a great deal of success in this field. Meeting the requirements of a franchised chain is a source of motivation that inspires us to excel. We understand that as a franchisee, your business prosperity is in function of the brand image.

This is why their standards must be respected. For these two types of activities related to the food industry, no concession is possible with regard to cleanliness and we are extremely strict with this aspect. Construction LFG would like to present a few of the projects that best illustrate our excellence in this domain: