Combining originality and functionality while respecting tight budgets? Construction LFG see this question as an opportunity. We apply creativity for plan designs, acoustics, engineering and energy efficiency.

The client is at the center of our priorities, we envision open and vast spaces that are user-friendly and functional. The concrete results are reception and game zones, cloakrooms, restaurants and sanitary facilities. We are experts in acoustic plans for auditoriums. We can easily make the transition from our clients' theoretical plans to their application on the premises. Today technology offers infinite possibilities. Construction LFG will work with you to implement intelligent and profitable solutions to the challenges that arise.

Cultural and recreational facilities involve challenges similar to other activity sectors as these sites often welcome many people in a very short lapse of time. They are not directly our clients, but they could become clients. They evaluate our performance in function of what they see, hear and experience during their short stay. If the work of the contractor is not satisfactory, these people will leave with a common, even negative, opinion.

At Construction LFG, we fully understand that this type of project motivates us to excel not only with regard to the quality of the experience you will offer to your clients, but also in the respect of your schedule to ensure that you will be able to present your activities as planned. Our work methods also us to complete work right on time, unlike the majority of our competitors. The supervision, advice and concern with details that we offer are advantages for you as a client. Estimates are a determining factor for what follows. We evaluate the possibility of completing work ahead of schedule using certain precautions prior to the start of the project and to improving the quality of the finished product without additional costs.

Our company's organization notably allows us to undertake contracts on a 7 days out of 7 basis, with a 24 hour work schedule if required. Construction LFG offers unequalled reliability and extraordinary ideas. Here are a few of our projetcs: