Our health system must deal with constraints: an aging population, financing, demographic pressure, etc.

Personnel must work in an environment that maximizes both productivity and personal equilibrium.

Sanitary regulations concerning equipment related to the quality of air and water require particular consideration.

Construction LFG'S success with our projects has given us the expertise that you are looking for to be confident in the respect of strict deadlines.

We understand that your efficiency depends on premises that are well planned and properly designed.

We are able to deal with the challenge of keeping your institution functioning during our operations.

Over time we have developed methods to reduce the impact of expansion and renovation work on your clientele and we guarantee that standards in effect will be followed.

Construction LFG's professionalism in the planning, elaboration, conception and management of building projects (hospitals, CHSLD's, CLSC's, family medicine centers and senior residences) is well established.

We are aware of the lack of privacy of the patients with whom we are in close contact, persons who often are experiencing painful situations and our workers and our foremen will be called upon to exercise compassion.

The maintenance of the quality of health facilities is imperative. We approach this issue with the commitment of our personnel, from the drawing board to the work site, in order to take the multiple aspects that guarantee the quality of the work we complete for you into account: