The deadline is a concern when you are thinking about building or renovating your office space. It is possible that you will continue your activities in spite of the start of construction work. Thanks to our night shift employees and other work strategies, we can respond to your requirements, whether it is a reorganization, adjustments or an ambitious expansion project.

Our expertise in the construction, renovation and reorganization of office buildings is well-known. We understand that respecting your employees' workplace is essential to maintaining the efficiency or your organization. LFG's team pays attention to details. Leaving a space clean and functional before leaving a worksite is imperative to us. Whether it is a reorganization, renovation or a construction, we will employ a professional and efficient approach and complete the work to your premises on time.

Our clients are involved in all of the phases of a project in order to properly understand your requirements and to respond to them with adequate solutions. We make adjustments along the way to ensure that we meet your expectations for your workplace. Our flexibility encompasses your budget and your schedule so that you will be stress-free before, during and after our project. Our vast experience allows us to take account of this reality in the accomplishment of your office project, in fact, we are different from other companies who are less flexible concerning labour or management. Our knowledge of legislation concerning buildings allows us to work efficiently throughout Canada.

Our staff takes all the services necessary for your project into account. We have a great deal of experience in this type of project. You will find a few examples in the section below: