We launched our company in the residential sector 40 years ago.

A condo, a multi-family dwelling, a duplex, rental property or any type of residential building, our team offers you complete peace of mind.

We offer you a personalized approach. We take the time to listen, understand your vision of the future habitation and determine how we can offer you the best results within your deadline and in function of your budget.

Our team will look after the various aspects of your project, such as building standards, supplier prices and materials, for you.

The multidisciplinary team at Construction LFG offers an customized approach based on professionalism, respect, originality and confidence.

Our projects combine comfort and elegance, while taking your specific requirements into account concerning architectural plans, decoration, layout and any other specific requirements for both the interior and exterior of the residence.

We strive to meet your tastes and preferences and will propose original, functional, esthetical and economical solutions to you.

Your satisfaction is based on the assurance that you will benefit from first-class service.

We exercise meticulous supervision of our worksites.

Construction LFG will meet your requirements with the highest quality standards. Your project is your living environment. At Construction LFG, we believe that you deserve the best!