We have been present in the wind power energy economic sector since 2005. We are proud of our accomplishments that include the construction of a large number of parks in Quebec worth several hundred million dollars. Construction LFG excels in this sector of renewable energy, thanks to our efforts in the development of technical resources in order to become a leader in this promising market.

We built the LM Glasfiber manufacturing factory in Gaspé. Our vision of wind power energy includes the fabrication of components to the operation of this ultramodern equipment, including 500 units that we constructed. We established a unique partnership with Érercon, giving us a national expertise in the assembly of their windmills, a distinct advantage for us in the future.

When we undertake a wind park project, we supervise all the steps from A to Z, including detailed engineering of the construction of electrical sub-stations and roads, up to the start of production. We manage 100% of the various facets of these projects: