At LFG Construction, we take quality management seriously

Our ISO-9001:2008 certification with respect to quality management shows that we are serious about managing quality and rigorous in applying our quality-related processes.

On every project, we implement a series of processes that guarantee quality and accuracy in everything we do.

  • Production processes
  • Tender procedures
  • Project planning processes
  • Change-notification processes
  • Management processes
  • Human resources management
  • Material resources management
  • Information management
  • Continuous improvement
  • Management review
  • Audits

To facilitate communication and access to data and to ensure the accuracy of the work we perform, we draft specifications for each contract.

We specify how all operational levels interact and provide detailed submissions in accordance with your requirements. As a result, we target – right from the start – the parameters that affect the execution of the mandate entrusted to us:

  • Task complexity
  • Work methods
  • Assigned employee skill sets and training

We take corrective action, whenever required, and use this information to improve our production methods.

Logo de la certification iso9001