Claue Lapointe nommé personnalité de l'année 2015

Recognition for LFG Construction

Following its 40th anniversary celebrated in August 2015, LFG Construction received numerous honours at Gala Reconnaissance de la Chambre de commerce Baie-des-Chaleurs (tribute event organized by the Baie-des-Chaleurs board of trade).

LFG Construction was awarded the “Entreprise de l’année” (business of the year) prize. It also won an award in the manufacturing, transformation, and innovation category.

And that’s not all: Claude Lapointe, owner of LFG Construction (see photo), was named personality of the year at the event.

In his speech, Mr. Lapointe stated that LFG Construction’s success depended first and foremost on its employees’ work and dedication.

A successful career

Claude Lapointe was recognized not only for this qualities as a businessman, but also for his commitment to the community, especially his involvement with Fondation Santé Baie-des-Chaleurs (a foundation that raises funds for healthcare services), Maison Maguire (an agency that helps people with disabilities), and OGPAC (an organization that provides services to people with cancer in the Gaspé region).

This native of Maria, Quebec, joined LFG Construction in 1993 and became sole owner of the company in 1998. Today, he owns 9 companies and employs more than 500 people. His career has been studded with success.

“When I joined LFG, I never thought I’d get this far. I owe my success to my family, who support me and inspire me to go on,”, revealed Claude Lapointe on the podium during this wonderful event.